goPuff Brand Ambassador

Boston College ; DeVry University ; Johnson University ; Northeastern University ; Northern Illinois University ; Queens University of Charlotte ; South College ; The University of Tennessee, Knoxville ; The University of Texas at Austin ; The University of Texas at Dallas ; The University of Texas at San Antonio ; Towson University ; University at Albany, State University of New York ; University of Denver ; University of Florida ; University of Houston ; University of Louisville ; University of New Mexico ; University of North Carolina at Charlotte ; University of Oregon ; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee ; Washington University in St. Louis
This job is no longer available. Please check out other jobs here.


goPuff is a digital delivery service delivering daily essentials from cleaning supplies, home needs and OTC medication to food, drinks and alcohol in just minutes. 

goPuff delivers all of your convenience needs right to your door. They store 2,500+ products in your city’s goPuff facility, so when you order, your stuff comes straight from goPuff to you. There is no crazy surge charging because they are not a courier service, and because they deliver direct instead of picking it up from a store, everything is delivered fast. There is a $1.95 flat fee for every delivery. Every time. They are open 24/7 in most areas. They are available in over 500+ cities and ready to grow. 

goPuff Brand Ambassadors are responsible for driving sign ups to create a goPuff account and place their first order. goPuff calls new customers, “newbies.” Ambassadors are selected on a rolling basis and can work on this position through June with possibility of an extension into subsequent semesters/quarters.

Recent grads are welcome to apply!

If you want to refer people to this position, submit an application to the Evolvez Ambassador position. We are offering a $50 referral bonus for whoever you refer that ends up getting hired, along with additional opportunities for mentorship and recommendations.


  • $15 per newbie sign up.
  • $20 bonus every 10 newbie sign ups.
  • There is no cap to the number of newbie sign ups you can drive.
  • Flexible working hours: there is no minimum or maximum number of sign ups one can generate. There are no set working hours. Ambassadors control their schedule and plan of action each week.
  • Highest-performing Ambassadors will be given a personal reference for internships.
  • Valuable entrepreneurial experience focused on marketing, sales, and communication.


Ambassadors are responsible for driving new customer sign ups. New goPuff customers are called “newbies.” A newbie is someone who creates a goPuff account and places a minimum order of $19.95 but uses their $10 off promo code (50% off). This $10 off promo codes works for the first two orders over $19.95 the customer places. 


goPuff Ambassadors are enthusiastic, social members of the community. They always act as a team player, yet have the drive and hustle to spread goPuff to every inch of their city. On-campus involvement such as greek life and other clubs is preferred. Those with relevant knowledge and experience using goPuff preferred.

This job is no longer available. Please check out other jobs here.