Evolvez College Ambassador



Evolvez is the network for connecting college students with Brand Ambassador job opportunities. 

We’re hiring Evolvez Ambassadors to encourage their friends and classmates to sign up for Evolvez and gain access to available jobs. In the past, we have offered jobs with Dollar Shave Club, The Economist, Panera Bread, AMC Networks and more. Signing up for Evolvez is free and takes less than two minutes. 


  • Ambassadors have the ability to add this position on their resume/LinkedIn.
  • Those who influence at least 5 college students to sign up for Evolvez, will receive a LinkedIn recommendation from Evolvez Founder and CEO, Michael Spitalieri.
  • At times, the Evolvez team will offer referral bonuses up to $50/hire for certain job opportunities.


Evolvez Ambassadors are responsible for influencing at least 5 college students to sign up for Evolvez to start receiving emails from the Evolvez team about jobs available at their university.


Those involved in Greek life and clubs on-campus are preferred but not required.