Dollar Shave Club College Ambassador

San Diego State University ; University of California, Los Angeles ; University of California, San Diego ; University of Southern California
This job is no longer available. Please check out other jobs here.


As a Dollar Shave Club Brand Ambassador, you will be tasked with marketing the brand and educating your peers about the unique services offered. By utilizing your personal network and executing targeted outreach to various groups at your university, you will be the primary source of Dollar Shave and its products within the student body.

Your primary goal will be to utilize sales and marketing tactics to generate sales of the introductory $5 Starter Set. 


  • $200 stipend for completing program deliverables 
  • $5 commission for every $5 Starter Set subscription generated
  • $30 bonus for every 5 subscriptions (up till 30)
  • Highest-performing Ambassadors will be given a personal reference for internships
  • Valuable experience in marketing, sales, and communications


Ambassadors will be responsible for the following program deliverables:

  • Subscription sales of the introductory $5 starter set
  • 3 Instagram stories
  • 2 tabling activations within a highly-populated area
  • 4 organizations presentations (Greek life and clubs on-campus)


  • Greek Life members are preferred, but not required
  • Well-connected on campus
This job is no longer available. Please check out other jobs here.