Software Engineer



The Evolvez team is hiring a software engineer to develop and enhance the core functionality of the Evolvez web application to support the company’s growing agency business.

This position is ideal for a self-starter with experience in web app development who wants to take on more of a full-stack role. Someone who can self teach if they don’t know something. Someone who is intellectually curious.

Students who want to take on this challenge are welcome to apply. But, be honest with yourself first - apply only if you are ready to take on a full project - from spec development to front end/back end execution with limited guidance.

Please provide your resume when you are applying to this position. If you have never signed up for Evolvez, you will be asked this during the initial sign up. If you have already signed up but have never uploaded a resume (or want to provide an updated resume), go to your “My Profile” section where you will be able to do so.


  • Pricing TBD based on the qualification of the individual
  • Receive LinkedIn recommendations and future references pending performance
  • Receive incredible experience heading the full technical challenges and initiatives of the Evolvez web app - from architecture to front-end to back-end
  • Opportunity to transition into a full-time position with Evolvez


This position is a bit unique compared to other software development positions. You will work with the Evolvez founders to understand the core business/data challenges and develop the specs of what “Version 2.0” of the Evolvez platform will consist of. From there, you will be responsible for taking full control of the execution and maintenance of the project.

Another super important thing to understand is that you will be working with a startup, so it is encouraged if you bring with you ideas on the value you can provide on top of what is explicitly outlined for you. The key thing is having an innate understand of Evolvez and what we are trying to accomplish.

This position will be worked remotely. Time commitment will be discussed on a per applicant basis.


  • Some software development experience, both front-end and back-end
  • Must be familiar with the following: Amazon AWS, Laravel PHP, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, MySQL, 3rd Party API integrations
  • Must be familiar with Agile Project Management
  • Expected number of hours each week to be discussed on a per applicant basis