Dollar Shave Club Brand Ambassador

This job is no longer available. Please check out other jobs here.


As a Dollar Shave Club Brand Ambassador, you will be tasked with marketing the brand and educating peers about the unique services offered. By utilizing your personal network and executing targeted outreach to various groups at your university, you will be the primary source of Dollar Shave and its products within the student body. In the wake of Covid-19, the program will be worked mostly via digital avenues - both communicating with individuals, as well as groups.

Your primary goal will be to utilize sales and marketing tactics to generate Subscription Sales of the introductory $5 "Ultimate Starter Set." Ambassadors are selected on a rolling basis and can work on this position through June with possibility of an extension into subsequent semesters/quarters.

Recent grads are welcome to apply!

If you want to refer people to this position, submit an application to the Evolvez Ambassador position. We are offering a $50 referral bonus for whoever you refer that ends up getting hired, along with additional opportunities for mentorship and recommendations.


  • $15 per Starter Set sale + $50 bonus for every 5 sales
  • There is no cap to the number of sales you can drive
  • Highest-performing Ambassadors will be given a personal reference for internships
  • Opportunity to connect with relevant Dollar Shave Club marketing managers to expand professional network
  • Valuable entrepreneurial experience focused on marketing, sales, and communication


  • Generate $5 Starter Set Subscription Sales using your unique tracking link. There is no cap on the number of sales you can generate.
  • Maintain a weekly goal for Subscription Sales and come up with creative approaches for doing so.
  • Communicate in a timely manner with the Evolvez team during the duration of the program. This is paramount, we don't tolerate a lack of communication.

Note: A “Subscription Sale” means a new DSC member subscription, where the member does not deactivate their DSC membership within the first 15 days after sign up; it does not include reactivations of a previous DSC member subscription or a new or reactivated international member subscription.


  • Flexible working hours: there is no minimum or maximum number of subscriptions one can generate. There are no set working hours. Ambassadors control their schedule and plan of action each week.
  • Greek Life members preferred, but not required
  • Well-connected individuals preferred, but not required
  • Ambassadors who are familiar with Dollar Shave Club or have subscribed to the service preferred, but not required. We have seen in the past that the best Brand Ambassadors in the past are those who are already authentic advocates of the brand they represent!
This job is no longer available. Please check out other jobs here.